Pricing varies per treatment please contact us for more details (919)228-8307.

Accepted Payment Methods:

We do NOT accept insurance.

Cash or Check




Credit & Debit

You Can Still Receive Assistance From Insurance!

Even though we don't accept insurance, you can still submit your invoice for reimbursement.

Upon request at the end of your appointment, we'll provide you with a detailed invoice known as a superbill. Simply submit this bill to your insurance for reimbursement. While many insurance companies offer reimbursement, we cannot guarantee it for every provider, so please verify with them directly.

Why Do We Not Accept Insurance?

At Black Diamond Chiropractic and Sports Performance, we defy the conventional mold of chiropractic care. Our approach is rooted in evidence-based practices. However, these advanced modalities are frequently not covered by insurance plans. Even when they are, coverage is often partial, leaving patients with substantial co-payments or facing high deductibles.

Furthermore, insurance companies often dictate the scope and duration of treatment, limiting the options available to patients. By opting out of insurance billing, we break free from these constraints. This allows us to tailor treatment plans to each individual's needs, rather than adhering to standardized protocols.

Moreover, our treatment sessions are notably longer than the typical chiropractic visit. Unlike the rushed appointments lasting mere minutes, we prioritize ample time with each patient. This extended duration ensures thorough care and optimal treatment outcomes, unencumbered by insurance-driven time constraints. At Black Diamond Chiropractic and Sports Performance, we prioritize your well-being above all else.

Questions or Concerns About Pricing/Insurance?

Just submit your questions below or give us a call at (919)228-8307

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